OCTOBER 12TH, 2017

ASEAN Regional Union of Psychological Societies (ARUPS) proudly presents Pre-Congress Workshops Series.


Workshop A-Series (9 AM – 12 PM):

Workshop A1
Topic General Principles, Processes and Guidelines for Publishing in International Refereed Psychology Journals
Speaker Prof Allan B. I. Bernardo (University of Macau, China)
Description This workshop shall introduce participants to general principles related to publishing manuscripts in international refereed journals in psychology. The primary consideration for getting published is the quality of the research reported in the manuscripts, and as such, the workshop would revisit important principles associated with good quality research in psychology. The workshop would then review the general processes and procedures associated with the peer-review and publication in different types of refereed psychology journals. Finally, the workshop would also provide participants with broad (and some specific) guidelines for preparing manuscripts for submission to international refereed journals in psychology.


Workshop A2
Topic After a Disaster: An Introduction to Key Concepts to Meet the Psychological Needs of Those Affected
Speaker Adj Assoc Prof Clare Yeo and Dr. Tsao I Ting (Co-Trainer) (Singapore)
Description Asia had had its share of disasters in the past decades. In light of the psychological impact on the individuals and their community, much effort has been taken to minimize the psychological sequelae and its long-term impact. In this half-day workshop, participants will be introduced to the range of psychological reactions to expect as well as the needs of different groups of people following a critical incident. To actively engage participants, case studies and group discussions will be used to hone in their understanding of the topics presented.


Workshop A3
Topic Mindfulness for Family Harmony
Speaker Lourdes Carandang, PhD (Philippines)


Workshop A4
Topic A Learning Culture as an Essential Organizational Capital to Face Tough Business Environment
Speaker Prof Dr. Andreas Budihardjo (Asosiasi Psikologi Industri Organisasi / Indonesian Association of Industrial and Organization Psychology)
Description The fact that globalization era causes tough business environment, a company should adopt a learning culture to win the competition. As an organizational capital, a learning culture plays an important role in enabling organization or company to achieve its vision and goals. The high-performance employees as part of the organizational capital will contribute significantly to the organization to achieve its success. This workshop discusses the role of learning culture enhancing employees to learn continuously and share knowledge one another to produce new ideas and effective innovations. The what, why, and how of learning culture will be explained in a practical way. In addition, human capital which consists of certain aspects such as psychological capital, employee engagement, and competencies playing an essential role in organizational development will be discussed. Some other relevant issues such as rightsizing, talent management, and knowledge management will also  be covered.


Workshop A5
Topic ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Early Identification and Intervention with TEACCH.
Speaker Margaretha, S.Psi., P.G.Dip.Psych., M.Sc. (Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Airlangga)


Workshop A6
Topic Preventing Anxiety and Depression in Young People: Super Skills 4 Life
Speaker Prof Cecilia A. Essau (Roehampton University, England)
Description Anxiety and depression are among the most common psychiatric disorders affecting children and adolescents in the general population. It is estimated that up to 10% of children and up to 20% of adolescents meet the criteria of an anxiety or depressive disorder. In addition to being prevalent, anxiety and depression co-occur frequently with numerous other psychiatric disorders. When left untreated, anxiety and depressive disorders that begin early in life can become chronic and are often associated with a negative course. In response to the growing awareness of the significance of the problem associated with anxiety and depression, various prevention and intervention programs for these disorders have been developed in recent years.
This workshop is designed for researchers and clinicians who are interested in anxiety and depressive disorders. It will begin with a brief description of “normal” and “pathological” anxiety/depression, followed by presentation of findings of recent studies on the prevalence, course, and risk factors of anxiety and depressive disorders. The second section of the workshop will include presentation of a newly developed prevention/intervention program for youth anxiety and depression (“Super Skills for Life”). “Super Skills for Life” is a trans-diagnostic treatment protocol that is based on the principles of CBT, behavioural activation, social skills training, and uses video-feedback and cognitive preparation as part of the treatment.


Workshop A7
Topic Rightsizing: Business Organizational Performance Improvement
Speaker Dr. Sumaryono, M.Si. (Asosiasi Psikologi Industri Organisasi / Indonesian Association of Industrial and Organization Psychology)
Description One of the strategies to survive and prosper in dynamic and challenging business settings is rightsizing. Rightsizing is a systematic step to anticipate the turbulence of change and its impact. By doing rightsizing, a business organization organized their self on the basis of the right “size”. The accuracy of the size within the organization will make the business development step flexible to anticipate the change effect. How will rightsizing be done? We will study it further in this workshop.


Workshop B-Series (1 PM – 5 PM):

Workshop B1
Topic Methods and Procedures for Adapting Assessment Instruments for Psychological Research and Practices
Speaker R. Urip Purwono, PhD (Indonesia)


Workshop B2
Topic Social Intervention Technique
Speaker Drs. Harry Susianto, Ph.D. (Ikatan Psikologi Sosial / Indonesian Association of Social Psychology)


Workshop B3
Topic Character Building through Traditional Games with BERLIAN Method
Speaker Dr. Iswinarti, M.Si. (Ikatan Psikologi Perkembangan Indonesia / Indonesian Association of Developmental Psychology)


Workshop B4
Topic How ASEAN Psychological Community Can Prepare Superior Human Capital for Global Competition: The Role of The Psychological Service of The Indonesian Army in Enhancing Resiliency and Cultural Intelligence
Speaker Kolonel Drs. Gunawan, DESS (Asosiasi Psikologi Militer Indonesia / Indonesian Association of Military Psychology)


Workshop B5
Topic Cognitive Interview: Technique to Obtain Information from Witnesses and Victims in The Criminal Justice System
Speaker Dra. Reni Kusumowardhani, M.Psi, Psikolog (Asosiasi Psikologi Forensik / Indonesian Association of Forensic Psychology)


Workshop B6
Topic Antenatal Resilience and Optimism Workshop – A Preview for Facilitator
Speaker Josephine Ratna, M.Psych, PhD, Psikolog (Widya Mandala Catholic University and Premier Hospital Surabaya)
Description This workshop is based on a recent study by the author. The full Workshop is aimed to be delivered to pregnant women in their 2nd trimester of pregnancy. Resilience and Optimism are two aspects important in increasing protective factors against postnatal depression. Preview of this workshop will be important for those who may become facilitators in maternity ward/primary health care/and those who have concerns over preventive actions against depression. This workshop is part of full 5-day program which has been accredited by The Indonesian Ministry of Health.



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