Ticket Purchase Tutorial

  1. To make order you need to register first if you don’t have account. Please click Register menu.1-arups-register
  2. Fill the register form then click Register button.2-fill-register-form
  3. If registration successfully, you will see an instruction to check your mailbox for activation link.3-register-ok
  4. Find the activation link inside email from ARUPS and click the link.4-activation-link
  5. Then your account must be confirmed.5-account-confirmed
  6. You can login now, please click Login menu.5.1-login
  7. Fill the form login and click Login button.5.2-login
  8. Click on Ticket menu to select ticket you want to purchase.6-purchase-ticket-link
  9. Select ticket category, for example Student ticket.7-select-student
  10. Select ticket.8-select-product
  11. Please click Add to Cart button.9-add-to-cart
  12. You’ll see View Cart button, then click the button.10-view-cart
  13. Then click Proceed to Checkout button.11-checkout
  14. Enter your name in Billing Detail section.12-billing-details
  15. Then click Place Order button.13-place-order
  16. You’ll go to Invoice page, make a payment to Bank Account shown on the page and confirm your payment.14-invoice